Friday, January 15, 2010

Webliography of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

17th Century Pick-Up Lines Lesson Plan (Romeo and Juliet)
The purpose of this website is to give teachers an idea of how to get students interested in Romeo and Juliet and relate to it. I think that this is a good website that gives ideas for how teachers can relate something that seems completely foreign to students in a positive, fun, and creative way!

60 Second Shakespeare: Tabloid Summary of Romeo and Juliet
The purpose of this website is to show students an interesting summary of the story in a very creative text. It might be a good way for teachers to introduce a creative project that involves content knowledge and individuality. This is a really neat website that has shortened versions of the plays available to all.

Interactive Romeo and Juliet (Full Play)
The purpose of this website is to make the play accessible to students who may not have a copy of the play (for classes that are unable to afford them, or for students who have forgotten their play at home). This also gives students the definitions of many of the words/phrases that students might not know. I think it's a great website. It allows students to go directly to the act and scene they need and gives them definitions, pictures, and videos to help them to understand.

Romeo and Juliet Wedding Party Webquest (Background of Era)
Website Here
The purpose of this website is to put students into groups and have them do a webquest to discover information about the era in which Romeo and Juliet was written and the setting of the play. It would be useful for a teacher to get students interested in the story and background by looking at what it would have taken to create a wedding for Romeo and Juliet.

Montague v. Capulet Lesson Plan for Duration of R&J Unit
This is a really cool website that gives lesson plans/articles for teachers, and this post is from a teacher that wanted to get students involved in a pseudo-family feud within a classroom. It's a really cool idea that I think would definitely work within a classroom, getting students into the story and making them realize how easy it is to get into a feud and how the fighting in the play isn't necessarily as silly as they might have thought.

Romeo and Juliet in Texting (Text Messaging) Language
This website's purpose is to give students something funny and interesting that puts R&J into a text that students might better understand. It allows students to see some of the sillyness inherent in the play and I think that it would really make students interested in "translating" other parts of the play into text message form. If students can remember a summary of the play in some way, even in text form, they might be able to do better on a test or writing a paper where they cannot use their book (Regents Exam).

Romeo and Juliet in Modern English
This website has a similar purpose to the previous, giving students a different way of understanding what they are reading. I don't really think that it's cheating to give students a "translated" version of the play. I think that it's more important for students to know the story than prove they can translate the language. Students might quit before they even finish the story if they don't understand it. This website is a great resource for students reading the play, or most Shakespeare play.

Romeo and Juliet Audio Reading
I know that this is wikipedia, but the real use I am going for is the complete play recorded as mp3s. The purpose of this is to help people who cannot read or are auditory learners hear and understand the play. I would use this site to read Romeo and Juliet for students who cannot understand the story while reading it themselves.

Shakespearean Insult Generator
The purpose of this website is to generate a random insult using Shakespeare's own words. Students will definitely get a kick out of this one, and they will hopefully be interested in the language of the era and of the author. It would be a fun thing to use in "insulting" each student in the classroom, or even in trying to translate the insults into modern words.

Shakespeare Background Information and Globe Theatre Information
The purpose of this website is to introduce students to life during Shakespeare's time, information about the Globe Theatre, and information about the different plays of Shakespeare. Not the most aesthetically pleasing website, but full of useful information for both teachers and students.

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